Simba Mattress Review

What will you find in our Simba Hybrid mattress review? We cover the UK made bed, the unique 5 layer hybrid design with 2,500 conical pocket springs added for comfort, and increased airflow.

The Simba mattress has excellent partner disturbance, so no waking up your other half in the night or them waking you up. The overall feel of the bed is surprisingly on the softer side (5/10).

What other people say – 4.5/5 from 12,933+ reviews

How We Review

We built this review to help you determine if a Simba hybrid mattress is the right fit. Inside, you’ll find information from real customers regarding the firmness, sleep quality, materials and construction, feel, and more. For all of our reviews, we work carefully to find and use unbiased data to share real customer opinions. After reading, you’ll have an excellent indication if this hybrid mattress suits your sleeping habits.

“What a difference from the first night! I always had suffered with backache with my mattress but instantly I could feel the difference!
Only complaint is why I didn’t purchase one sooner” Verified Buyer

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What’s the Simba mattress made from?

All the layers are CertiPUR certified, meaning they’re tested to the highest standards to make sure they are from harmful chemical and materials like mercury and lead. The mattress is made in the UK, and Simba’s manufacturer is apart of the national bed federation. The NBF contributes to the education and safety of both the trade and consumers.

Simbatex® layer – Simba’s trademarked top layer is now an open-Cell polyfoam that use to be 100% synthetic latex. The open-cell polyfoam is preferred to regular polyurethane foam because it allows more air to flow through it, making the layer disperse heat better.

simba top layer mattress
(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba miQro® spring – The 2,500 conical pocket springs (based on King Simba hybrid mattress) adds bounce and responsiveness to the bed. Springs also last longer than foam, so they add a lot of durability to the bed along with pressure relief because they work when pressure is applied.

Simba pattered the design of the unique coils, and the springs are contained in polyester pockets to keep them in zones and facing the right way up. The cone-shaped of each spring allows the spring to collapse flat, which is essential for the layer not to take up much room. The steel that makes up this layer is 100% British and produced in Leeds.

Usually, the addition of springs translates to a slightly firmer bed which is common in hybrid mattress. However, the more springs mean your weight is spread out more, leading to each spring compressing less, giving a softer feel.

Simba mattress micro springs
(Image credit: Simba)
(Image credit: Simba)

Polyurethane Foam Layer – This is the transitional layer between the base and the springs, which is polyurethane-based foam for support, better airflow, and reduced heat retention in the bed.

Before this layer used to be memory foam which would retain heat and respond to the body more, this left the mattress with little edge support, so the upgrade to polyurethane foam is an excellent upgrade.

Simba mattress transitional layer
(Image credit: Simba)

High-density polyurethane foam – The bottom layer is the supportive base that adds durability, and you guessed it, support to the bed. The base is castellated, which means it has channels cut through it also called zoning. This increases airflow and cools the mattress, but more importantly, it relieves pressure for your shoulders, hips, and correct spine alignment.

simba base layer
(Image credit: Simba)

The cover – As much thought goes into the cover as the mattress, the cover is 100% polyester, free from harmful chemicals, and is hypoallergenic – which means fewer allergic reactions.

The cover is white on top with grey sides, the top is very soft to the touch and is very stretchy, while the sides are more durably and reinforced with 4 handles to make moving the bed about much more comfortable.

Sadly, the cover is not washable. If you need to clean the cover, it’s best to spot clean, if you are getting the bed for children we recommend using a mattress protector to keep your Simba bed clean.

simba sleep cover
(Image credit: Simba)

Thickness and weight

The Simba Hybrid mattress is heavier than an all-foam mattress because of the springs. However, it’s lighter than other hybrid mattresses weighing in at 38 kg for the king compared to the OTTY 45 kg.

UK Single190 x 90 x 25cm24 (kg)
EU Single200 x 90 x 25cm24 (kg)
Small Double190 x 120 x 25cm30 (kg)
UK Double190 x 135 x 25cm34 (kg)
EU Double200 x 140 x 25cm36 (kg)
UK King200 x 150 x 25cm38 (kg)
EU Queen200 x 160 x 25cm
Super King200 x 180 x 25cm45 (kg)

Delivery, Trial, Warranty, & Unboxing

Delivery – Simba delivers the mattress for free within 3 business days and have a zero contact procedure.

Trail – All of Simba mattresses come with a 200-night risk-free trial, so you rest assured when purchasing your bed.

Warranty – Simba mattresses are built to last, so they offer a 10-year warranty.

Simba will deliver to your door in a box with a compressed vacuum-sealed mattress inside. It’s easier to move around when packaged, so make sure to take it out of the box and position the mattress on your bed frame.

From there, you want to cut open the shrink-wrapped plastic around the mattress, Simba has a handy safety knife to make sure you use it to remove the risk of damaging the mattress. When you cut it open, it will inflate, which is a fun process to see.

In a couple of hours, your mattress will be ready for a great nights sleep.

How much does it cost?

In our Simba mattress review found the pricing very well priced compared to other mattress in a box brands, especially since its a hybrid mattress. If you want to get the bed cheaper take advantage of the ‘Claim Deal’ button. The prices for each size are below.

Eve Mattress Prices 
UK Single£411.75
EU Single£449.25
Small Double£561.75
UK Double£561.75
EU Double£599.25
UK King£636.75
EU Queen£674.25
Super King£711.75
Up to 55% off
Simba Discount Coupon Code
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply.
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply. Show Less

“Huge thank you to Simba for the kind gesture of discount for NHS. The mattress is amazing. I am sleeping so much better we love it. The best ever mattress we also purchased a protector too. The whole process form start to finish was brilliant customer service excellent. Highly recommend Simba. Huge thank you once a again form a nurse who is now sleeping soundly” Verified Reviewer


  • 200 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery
  • 2,500 Conical Pocket Springs
  • UK made
  • 0% finance
  • CertiPUR certified

How long does it take to inflate?

After you take the mattress out of the box and out of the vacuum wrapper, it begins to expand quickly. Before sleeping on it, leave it for 3-6 hours to expand. It takes about 24 to 48 hours to fully inflate, but it’s deep, comfy, and ready to sleep on after three hours.

Can you leave it in the box?

Please keep in mind that your 200-night trial begins on the day of delivery, regardless of whether you have opened the box or not. The mattress can stay in the packaging for up to three months. However, the earlier you open it, the sooner you’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep!

Is the Simba mattress right for you?

We have found out that the overall feel of the mattress is medium that works for the majority of side, and back sleepers. However, it’s appropriately better for side sleepers because of the pressure relief around the shoulder area, and it could be too soft for front sleepers, but that’s a personal preference.

I would recommend the Simba Hybrid mattress to sleepers if:

You love a softer hybrid mattress – The mattress is great if you’re looking for a medium feel mattress which doesn’t usually happen in a hybrid, they tend to be firmer. However, the design of the micro springs helps soften the bed in comparison to regular hybrids.

You want a cold bed –  The smart design of the bed optimises airflow to circulate for a more refreshing nights sleep.

Motion transfer – Simba hybrid mattresses are excellent for minimal partner distance, so if your partner moves around a lot in the night, it won’t wake you up.

You like medium firmness – Simba is a medium feel mattress around (5.5/10) which is soft for a hybrid mattress.

Homegrown – The Simba mattress originated from the UK company in the bedding industry since 1979. However, the Simba sleep brand started in 2015 by James Cox and Andrew McClements.

Chemical-free – Simba foams are CertiPUR certified, so it’s free from nasty chemicals in the mattress.

Is the Simba Hybrid good for back pain? From the reviews, we would say it does a great job, and if you look at the design, you can see why. The zoning of the mattress and pressure-relieving micro springs help key area on your body.

In the end, Simba Sleep is a great UK company with plenty of 5-star reviews, and the bed comes with a generous 200 night trial period to test if its right for you, for the price we think it’s well worth the money.

Up to 55% off
Simba Discount Coupon Code
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply.
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply. Show Less


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Simba mattress
Simba Mattress Review
With 2,500 conical pocket springs built inside the mattress' five layers, it's the world's first patented hybrid model. It does not disturb your partner while you sleep and neither do they wake you. The overall feel of the bed is on the softer side. Overall, one of the UK’s best mattresses you can purchase.
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CertiPUR certified
200-night free trial
Made in the UK
Great Reviews + Established Brand
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